More Then You Ever Wanted to Know About Radio, Bandwidth, Modulation and the FCC
NYCwireless presentation given May 25, 2005 (PDF 900k, 68 slides)

Video Demos, while this is about HDTV, but is not in HDTV quailty because it was captured on a ReplayTV and reencoded to Windows Media to reduce file size.

how a marginal DTV signal looks (5Meg, Windows Media Video)
NYC broadcast DTV channel line up (10Meg, Windows Media Video)


Simple Loop UHF antenna for HDTV (gets all NYC channels except 5 and 13)

Loop antenna attached to HDTV receiver

UHF Dipole (made from metal hanger) with tin foil corner reflector (I no longer use)

3 element yagi. Center is the dipole made from coax. Metal hanger was cut for the reflector and director. Taped to cardboard. It was designed for 750MHz (UHF channel 61, DTV channel 13), but it picks up all NYC broadcast DTV stations.

How the diploe is made from coax, in the yagi the wires are longer

Larger Yagi to try to pick up more remote DTV stations like WNJN

DVD video recorder showing IEEE 1394 input

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